Dog Harness For Car - Cooling Not Pulling


The New Dogsnug Harness is designed for pull distribution. Perfect for car rides and for running due to its wide chest panel to distribute the weight. Great also for dogs that pull when on a lead. The cooling interlining will cool your dog on warm days too. This Dogsnug harness is designed and hand made in London, UK.



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For Car, For Runs, For Pulling

LT-Dog Harness for Car in Pineapple Print- Cooling not Pulling

Good Weight Distribution

The dog harness features a wide chest area for distributing the pressure of your dog evenly, making the harness excellent for car rides, for running with your dog and for dogs that pull. The weight distribution helps also to prevent injuries on the dog's neck when used instead of a dog collar; and on your shoulders when the dog pulls.


LT-Dog Harness for Car in Pineapple Print - Cooling not Pulling

Designed for Safety

Safety is extremely important in harnesses which is why we use solid brass D rings to connect to the car seat belt attachment* when in the car or to the dog lead when running or walking. The army grade straps connecting the D rings to the harness are triple sewn.

The webbing straps, although only visible from the top of the harness run all the way through the chest structure to guarantee the strength and durability of the harness.

The harness features reflective strips to make your dog visible when walking or running, this is particularly useful on evenings strolls and runs.  Please note: the Pineapple Print Harness does not have this feature.

The plastic buckle does not bear weight, but it keeps the harness in place when not worn with a lead.

*The car seat belt attachment is sold separately

Comfortable & Adjustable

 This dog harness is light, soft and gentle on the dog's skin, to avoid any chaffing or pressure on dogs with sensitive skin. It has been designed with as minimal construction as possible so that is comfortable and light for your dog to wear when riding in a car or when running or walking on the lead.

The straps are adjustable at front and back to make the perfect fit for any shape or size of dog

For Cooling Your Dog

 The harness is ideal for warm days out due to it's cooling panel on the chest area. Just dip in water and wring out excess for a pleasant cooling experience (Cools by evaporation). Dog's ideal places for cooling (other than by panting and cooling their paws) is the chest, neck and belly, making this harness a really good addition to your summer must haves for your dog.


 This dog harness is available in 3 sizes to fit just about any dog creature. Please always measure your dog, the examples here are general notions, your dog may be need a bigger or smaller size than what is suggested for your dog's breed.

How to Measure for a Harness

2. Chest: 38-48cm
3. Underside: 16-23cm

small puppies,italian greyhound,chihuahua,toy dachshund,pug,west,yorkshire

1.Neck: 40-58 cm
2. Chest: 48-62 cm
3. Underside: 21-28cm

whippet,boston terrier,dachshund,cockapoo,border collie,cocker,labradoodle,large puppies

1.Neck: 60-78 cm
2. Chest: 68-85 cm
3. Underside: 28-40cm
greyhounds, lurchers, labradors,staffie, german shepherd,golden retrieverColours


The dog harness is available in beautiful bright colours to brighten up your days, whether you are driving on your way to your holidays, running on a spectacularly sunny day or out for a walk with your family and friends:

  • Pineapple print, Yellow & Jade Green 
  • Red & Black with Reflective Strips
  • Reflective Silver & Fluorescent Pink

 Machine Washable

 The harness is designed to be machine washable at 30ºC

Please do not add conditioner or bleach. Do not tumble dry or iron

Matching Products - Special Deal

 Each of the dog's harnesses has a matching dog lead which can be bought separately, however, when bought in conjunction with this harness you get to save 15% off the original price. Just make sure you select the 'Yes please 15%off' box in the Options


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Bella looks so trendy in her pink harness and loves it! Will be glad to send you a photo soon, love the light weight and matching lead. Still to try it on a run, will update soon. Only thing I would recommend is to keep customer updated on dispatch date I was unsure what the delivery time was! Love the detail!

Super cute but doesn’t cool for very long

I love the little pineapple design, it’s perfect for the summer, however the ‘cooling’ panel at the front doesn’t seem to be more than a few bits of thin fabric... not like the normal cooling fabric you see around.

Excellent service

Bought a cooling harness for young puppy travelling in the car in this hot weather. Quality product and excellent service.

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