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More Information about Dogsnug Leather Products

At Dogsnug we use only the best quality Bridle Leather sourced locally in the UK.

All our leather products are 100% handmade in England with care and thought, from cutting the leather to preparing and finishing the product, and are available in a range of widths and sizes to ensure a perfect fit.

All the fittings sucha as buckles and D rings are welded brass for extra security and ensure that it doesn’t ‘buckle’ at an inappropriate time.

About Bridle leather 

Bridle Leather refers to the way that a piece of leather (cow hide) is finished at the tannery. Bridle leather means that both the Flesh and Grain side of the leather has been stuffed with greases and finished with wax. This is a labour intensive process and justifies the high price we pay for this type of leather. Few tanneries produce exceptional bridle leather and at Dogsnug we take this very seriously, buying only from tanneries we believe produce the best bridle leather in the world.

There are three purposes to bridle leather:

1. Appearance – it must look good. It must have a good depth of colour and age well without natural imperfections that weaken the leather

2.  Tactility – it must be smooth, comfortable and flexible to handle. Designed to be used for bridles, it must be comfortable for a horse to wear next to their skin, so treatment of the flesh side is just as important as the grain side.

3. Durability – A piece of saddlery is typically expected to last for 10 or more years so must be exceptionally strong and withstand the elements.

Bridle leather is a reassuring nod to how things used to be: a time of doing things slowly, carefully and with pride. A natural material that demands considered care and attention so that it can produce beautiful objects that can be treasured for many years. In today’s world, there aren’t many things that get better with age – good bridle leather is one of them.