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Personalised dog accessories - collars, leads, coats and harnesses

Want to buy your dog a really personal gift? Have its initial embossed or printed on leather or fabric. Mix and match colours or have a custom tailored coat made for it. Your dog is special and so are our products.


Matching Colours

Colourful rays of sunshine dog lead, collar and poop bag holder

Our Ray Of Sunshine range of dog accessories was designed with mixing and matching colours in mind. Blue collar, yellow lead, orange poop bag holder, they all look great together.

Colourful Dogsnug blue trek neon sighthound coat

Our coats come in a variety of colour combinations and if you'd like a bespoke made one, there's that option too (just contact us for details).


Custom Initials

You can personalise our dog collars, leads and coats by having your dog's initial embossed and added to them.

Dogsnug bridle leather collar with personalised dog initial

With our bridle leather collars and leads we emboss the letter in and give it a light swash of gold paint to make your mark really shine.

Dogsnug gold superhero sighthound coat with personalised initial

The initial of your dog's name can also be added to any of our coats you buy in a variety of colours on offer.

Made to measure dog coats

Made to measure making of a sighhound custom made coat

All of our stylish, light but waterproof dog coats can also be custom made to fit your dog's exact measurements. See our Made to Measure page for more info.

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