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Ray of Sunshine Dog Collar for Sighthounds

Ray of Sunshine Dog Collar for Sighthounds


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Beautifully colourful, soft-padded dog collar for greyhounds, whippets, lurchers and iggies. 100% hand-made from cork and webbing bringing you a touch of sun to your happy hound.

  • Personalise the collar with your dog's initial (box above).
  • The collars are lined with 100% wool felt to protect the delicate neck of your much loved pup
  • The fittings are made of solid brass to prevent them from 'buckling' at the most inappropriate moments.
  • Feel free to mix and match different colours from the Ray of Sunshine Dogsnug collection, the colours are carefully chosen to work together.
  • Following the Dogsnug ethos of sophisticated yet simple design and using a blend of traditional and contemporary craftsmanship these dog collars use cork as alternative to leather. Tested for strength and durability with enforced webbing.
  • Can be made-to measure to ensure a perfect fit, get in touch to learn more.
  • Crafted by hand in London.
More information about Dogsnug Leather Products

At Dogsnug we use only the best quality Bridle Leather sourced locally in the UK.

All our leather products are 100% handmade in England with care and thought, from cutting the leather to preparing and finishing the product, and are available in a range of widths and sizes to ensure a perfect fit.

All the fittings sucha as buckles and D rings are welded brass for extra security and ensure that it doesn’t ‘buckle’ at an inappropriate time.

About Bridle leather 

Bridle Leather refers to the way that a piece of leather (cow hide) is finished at the tannery. Bridle leather means that both the Flesh and Grain side of the leather has been stuffed with greases and finished with wax. This is a labour intensive process and justifies the high price we pay for this type of leather. Few tanneries produce exceptional bridle leather and at Dogsnug we take this very seriously, buying only from tanneries we believe produce the best bridle leather in the world.

There are three purposes to bridle leather:

1. Appearance – it must look good. It must have a good depth of colour and age well without natural imperfections that weaken the leather

2.  Tactility – it must be smooth, comfortable and flexible to handle. Designed to be used for bridles, it must be comfortable for a horse to wear next to their skin, so treatment of the flesh side is just as important as the grain side.

3. Durability – A piece of saddlery is typically expected to last for 10 or more years so must be exceptionally strong and withstand the elements.

Bridle leather is a reassuring nod to how things used to be: a time of doing things slowly, carefully and with pride. A natural material that demands considered care and attention so that it can produce beautiful objects that can be treasured for many years. In today’s world, there aren’t many things that get better with age – good bridle leather is one of them.



UK Delivery: £2.98 (takes 1-3 days from dispatch), Europe & International: £4.98 (takes 3-10 days from dispatch) Free postage for orders over £80. Dispatch takes 1-3 working days for small customizations and 5-10 working days for made to measure products. We use recorded delivery to make sure the product gets to you safely.

What is your returns policy?

You are able to return standard items within 14 days of receipt. If the returned piece is unworn and undamaged, a refund will be processed within 3 days of receipt. Personalized items are non-refundable.

Is your shop secure?

For your piece of mind (and ours!) Dogsnug is run from Shopify, a well respected and renown e-commerce platform with SSL Certificates. In layman’s terms this means that any information you enter is private and secure, and will be protected from forgery, data tampering or eavesdropping.

I’m not very good with measurements

If you click on the size chart you can find the standard measurement charts and an easy to follow diagram showing how to measure your dog for a coat. However, if you still a little unsure, you are most welcome to contact us and we will be happy to arrange a Skype meeting to help you measure your VIP (very important pup).

How do i know that the colour I see on the screen is the same colour of the product?

That’s a tricky one, as it depends on your screen calibration. This said, we try to make a vivid description of the colours when we talk about our products. If this still keeps you guessing, we are happy to send you a set of fabric samples so you can make a much more informed choice.

Will it fit right?

Our designer and pattern cutter has years of experience in the fashion industry, and is obsessive with getting the fit right. Each size has been tried and tested on lots of dogs of different breeds to make sure that the shape responds to their body peculiarities. This is specially important if you have a sighthound or a dachshund as their body is seriously different to that of other dogs.

How do I know if the quality is really good?

Your trust in our products is very important to us, and we think quality is at the core of trust. To guarantee a high level of quality, we test every product in a variety of materials in order to chose the best performing ones. Although this is a costly process, it gives us the piece of mind that you will be receiving a product that will not let you down.

It’s a bit expensive

We want you to enjoy a high quality product which is unique and will last, and unfortunately this does not come cheap. All our products are hand-made in England and we pride ourselves of paying a fair retribution to the talented craftsmen we collaborate with. We only work with high quality materials, picked for their high performance and durability. We also make sure that we prototype and test our products until we are satisfied that the quality of material and of finishes is excellent.

My dog likes to play rough, will the coats be strong enough to last?

The Dogsnug coats protects the skin of your dog from sharp branches and even teeth marks. We know because we put these to test with our Kai who is quite a rough player. Being a whippet, his favourite game with his other whippet friends is to chew each others bodies whilst running at lightning speed. The outer layer of our coats are made of ripstop, a material designed not to rip if caught on a branch or any other sharp object. To top this up the ripstop is bonded to a 3D spacer mesh which structure is designed to bounce and move when stressed, giving the extra protection you need for your very special pooch.The strap is elastic so it keeps the coat in place whilst allowing mobility and stretch.

Have any questions not covered here?

Please Contact Us and we will be happy to answer any of your queries.

 Size charts

All dogs are different and at Dogsnug we specialize in 3 different shapes: 

  • Classic: fits dogs with a classic silhouette and wide chested creatures
  • Dachshund: think short legs, long body and very close to the ground
  • Sighthounds: Creatures made with long necks, wide chests and tiny waists. Their back slightly curves around the tail

Fits All Dog Types

Neck Width

Small 6-11"
Medium  11-14"
Large 14-23"

Fits All Dog Types

Back Length
Chest Width
Xtra Small 8-12" 13-17"
Small 12-16" 17-25"
Medium 16-22" 21-30"
Large 20-26" 25-31"
Xtra Large 24-30" 31-35"

Fits All Dog Types

Neck & Chest Width
Small 13-19"
Medium 18-26"
Large 21-34"

Fits All Dog Types

Width x Length
Small 24 x 18"
Medium 28 x 22"
Large 40 x 32"


Breeds like: Italian Greyhounds,Whippets, Lurchers, Salukis, Greyhounds, Deerhounds.


Back Length

Chest Width

XXS Sight

13-15" up to 17"

XS  Sight

up to 19"

S Sight

17-19" up to 21"

M Sight

up to 23"

L Sight

21-23" up to 25"

XL Sight

24-26" up to 28"
XXL Sight 27-29" up to 31"


Neck Circumference
Collar Width (Tapered)
XS Sight 7 - 9 1/2" 1 1/4"
S Sight 9 1/2 - 12" 1 1/2"
M Sight


1 3/4"
L Sight 14-17" 2"
XL Sight 17-20" 2"
XXL Sight 20-23" 2"



Breeds: tiny Chihuhuas, Jack Russells, Pugs, Border Terriers, French Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, Staffies, Border Collies, Cockapoodles,Great Danes...


Back Length

Chest Width

XXS Classic 6-7" 9-13"
XS Classic 7-9"
S Classic 9-11" 13-17"
M Classic 11-13" 17-23"
L Classic 13-15" 19-25"
XL Classic 15-17" 21-30"
XXL Classic 17-19" 23-35"


Neck Width 
Collar Width
XS Classic 7 - 9 1/2" 3/5"
S Classic 9 1/2 - 12" 3/4"
M Classic 12-14" 3/4"
L Classic 14-17" 1 1/4"
XL Classic 17-20" 1 1/2"
XXL Classic 20-23" 1 1/2"



Breeds:all sizes of Dachshunds, from miniature to full size, also Corgies... 


Back Length
Chest Width
XXS Dach 7 - 8 1/2" 9-11"
XS Dach 11-13" 12-16"
S Dach 13-15" 14-19"
M Dach 15-17" 16-22"
L Dach 17-19" 18-25"
XL Dach 19-21" 20-27"


XS  7 - 9 1/2" 3/5"
S 9 1/2 - 12" 3/4"
M 12-14" 3/4"
L 14-17" 1 1/4"

The sizing charts are only a reference, as every dog is beautifully unique. The charts are based on research on different dog shapes, and we have developed three styles of products to suit them all (Classic, Sighthound and Dachshund). The products not only take into account the shape of the dogs but also the way they run and play. For this reason the trims we use for different breeds may vary.

For most dogs the most important measurement is the back length. However if your dog is a wide chested dog(think Boston Terrier, Bulldog...) then the main measurement should be the Chest Width.

If you are unsure about how to measure, please scroll down to our 'How to Measure' illustration or Contact us with your query and we will be more than happy to help. 

Dogsnug now offers a dog measuring service online completely free of charge. A professional dog tailor will meet you on Skype or Facetime (your choice) and help you measure your VIP (very important pup). Get your appointment now!

How to measure your dog?

1. Back Length: From where the neck meets the body to where the tail meets the body along the top following her/his spinal chord

2. Neck Circumference: Measure the circle around the widest part of the neck (where the neck meets the body)

3. Waist circumference: Measure the circle around the narrowest part of your dog's waist

4. Chest circumference: Measure the circle around the deepest/widest part of your dog's chest

5. Chest front length: From a front view, the measurement from where the neck meets the body to the bottom part of her/his chest where the legs start