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Some orders may experience some delays due to COVID-19 and lockdown. Thank you for your patience.
Some orders may be delayed due to COVID-19 and lockdown.

Webbing Dog Collar and Lead Set

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This beautiful dog collar and lead set is made of strong and comfortable materials. The lead handle and the ultra soft dog collar are lined with felt for the best dog walking experience.

The set is designed to be beautiful, elegant and strong. Made from equine grade nylon webbing. The leads and dog collars are UK made.

Collars and leads are available separately, save 10% on the set and look awesome.

Best Features

  • Adjustable and Easy to Put On

  • Dog Collars are Light and Comfortable: nylon webbing for strength and felt lining for softness.

  • Strong and Durable: equine grade webbing and solid brass fittings

  • Machine Washable: 30ºC cycle or by hand

  • Use as a dog tracking collar: contact us for customization

  • Soft for puppy collars: protects young necks

  • Lead has a ring to shorten length or hang a poop bag holder

What Sizes Are Available?

These are the best dog collars for puppies that are still growing or adults alike as they adjust to 4 different lengths.

Collar Sizes (Neck circumference):

  • 18-24cm: puppies, and mini dogs, example: for italian greyhound and chihuahua collars

  • 24-30cm: medium/large puppies, small dogs, example: for bichons, mini dachshund collars

  • 30-36cm: medium dogs. Example: for cockapoos, cavapoos, schnauzers, and whippet collars 

  • 36-42cm: large dogs or short and stocky dogs. Example: for lurchers, and french bulldog collars

  • 42-48cm: very large dogs. Example: for Staffies and Greyhound collars 

if your dog is larger than these sizes please contact us for a custom made collar.

Collar Width:

  • 16mm: ideal for puppies, small and medium dogs, as a house or tag collar

  • 25mm: for breeds that tend to pull to protect their necks

  • 38mm: recommended for long necks or the smallest of the sighthound family, as an italian greyhounds or puppy whippet and lurcher collar.

  • 50mm: perfect collar for sighthounds, ideal as a whippet, lurcher and greyhound collar

Why Use Our Dog Collar and Lead set?

Dogsnug products are a unique and stylish choice for your dog as they are original designs by our small brand, carefully crafted by real designers and makers.

The collars and leads are designed to be beautiful, elegant and playful in the colour choices, but also durable and strong so that you and your dog feel safe and dapper when out for walks together.

If your dog wears a lead and harness for walkies - check our matching ones ; you still need by UK to have a dog collar with a tag on it so your dog can be reunited quickly with you if it goes wondering.

The collars are ideal for using tracking devices such as a pet tracker. Please contact us for customisation.

The dog collars and leads have an elegant and durable design, originally designed by a fashion designer. All our products are tested for for strength to make sure that your dog is protected and safe.

What Are the Collars and Leads Made Of?

We use the highest quality of nylon webbing made in the UK for strength.

This luxury dog collars and leads handles are lined with felt for a soft and cozy feel. 

The brass fittings are made of solid brass

All strength seams are reinforced

What colours are available?

Your pup will look fantastic in any colour, but having the option to choose from a variety of options is always nice. 

Here are some suggestions of colours enhance your dog's fur:

  • Purple dog collar and lead with a jade lining: great for white, fawn and brindle coloured dogs. An elegant and playful choice.

  • Jade green dog collar and lead with jade lining: beautiful on grey, black dogs, but also on lighter furs. A playful happy choice.

  • Orange dog collar and lead with forest green lining: an all rounder but great on dogs with brown tones. Joyful and autumnal choice.

Coming Up Soon Here Or Available In Our London Shop:

(Call us to order these)

  • Blue dog collars and leads: navy, sky or electric blue. Great as a boy dog collar.

  • Red dog collar: bright red or burgundy. Ideal as a Christmas dog collar

  • Pink dog collar: dusty or hot pink. Beautiful as girl dog collars

Are Dogsnug products ethical?

At Dogsnug we run a zero waste studio. We repurpose any remaining materials from the making process and turn them into toys and beds fillings. Furthermore, our production is in small batches so there is no waste ending up in landfills.

Our production is local, made in our workshop in London. This guarantees a fair pay and a working environment that nurtures our makers amazing skills.

If you have owned a Dogsnug collar, lead or harness before we encourage your to return your perfectly good brass fittings and we will reuse it in your new product and give you money off your purchase.

The webbing and felt materials locally made in the UK.

The collars and leads are made from man-made materials and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Ready For Your New Dogsnug Collar and Lead?

Dogsnug products are easy to use, easy to clean, and made of top-notch materials that will allow it to last well. Get yours now!

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