The Three (Corgi) Musketeers

It’s Saturday and I’m out to meet Martin and his pack of three sweet corgies. It’s cold and the rain is pouring but tails are wiggling and little jaws are wide open with smiles and tongs sticking out. There’s nothing aloof about this bunch. Carefully, they follow us around the park, chasing after miniature tennis balls Martin, Charles and Ella are throwing for them. 

Corgies in the water 

They are no stranger to the camera, Martin tells me whilst he makes them sit on top of tree logs – one corgi per stump. They’re registered pet models and have been in a variety of photo-shoots including a tv appearance on the Alan Car show with Lilly Allen. As we make our way through the park. Ella keeps snapping pictures away on her iPhone. Surely she’s following our @dogsnug instagram account.


“One just wouldn’t be enough,” says Martin on the way home, “with corgies, it’s like an obsession.” He used to work for the Queen and got to know her corgies, so naturally when it came to selecting a breed for himself, he decided to get one as-well. And another, and another.

They seem quite content parading along the high street, catching looks and stopping here and there to say hello to the ladies from the design shop or to grab some donuts for breakfast. 

At home they welcome the idea of shower with joy. One after the other Martin washes them, picks them up from the bath and gives them a quick dry with a towel.

We have our breakfast and talk about foreign lands whilst Sebastian, Edward and Xaiver (named after the famous painter Franz Xaiver Winterhalter – Queen Victoria being one of his sitters) move around the house to find their favourite dark corner to fall asleep in.



These are happy dogs. Resting on the warm carpet they get cuddles, get played with, get fed and get photographed. I put my camera back in the bag and and leave the corgies and their lovely family to play and enjoy the rest of the Saturday.

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