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We're a small UK company crafting unique and stylish dog accessories and coats. All of our products are 100% made by hand out of the highest quality materials, locally sourced where possible. Mixing traditional methods with modern, technical fabrics and techniques we strive for beautiful products that last and make you and your dog happy. We produce everything in North London with love.

Dogsnug tools for making coats

Our Story

Dogsnug was started by a talented menswear fashion designer and was born out of a need for a quirky, stylish and functional coat for our much loved whippet Kai. When we weren't able to find a coat and material that would meet all of our requirements for a quality, beauty and function, we decided to take things into our own hands.

Dogsnug Superhero Dog Coat

The first coat

Kai is a true adventurer so using his spirit as inspiration we developed our first product: a superhero dog coat. It was created to perfectly fit the measurements, activities and lifestyle of sighthounds (whippets, greyhounds, iggys and lurchers). It featured our very own unique Dogsnug layered textile that made it tear and water resistant, allowed for the full range of running motion, was warm and light for both the cold winter days and breezy summer trips to the mountains and fells.

Dogsnug Leather Dog Collar

Our range of products has since grown into coats and accessories for dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes (from wide-chested and unusual shaped dogs such as bostons and dachshunds to classic dog breeds like labradors and terriers).

Dogsnug Bridle Leader Dog Collar

Bridle leather

Our leather dog collars and leads (or for the American speaking crowd here – leashes) are of the finest British bridle leather sourced locally in the UK. This refers to the way a piece of leather (cow hide) is finished at the tannery. It is a labour intensive process that justifies the high price we pay for this type of leather. Few tanneries produce exceptional bridle leather and at Dogsnug we take this very seriously, buying only from tanneries we believe produce the best bridle leather in the world.

Dogsnug Neon Dog Coat

Dogs, sports and technical materials

Passionate about fashion and materials, the rapidly advancing world of sportswear design has also greatly influenced our approach. By combining technical fabrics and finishes (such as rip-stop and 3D Mesh) with traditional methods techniques we have addressed our need for beautiful, but functional range of products that allow dogs to be dogs and humans to enjoy their company even more.

Dogsnug Bonding Dog Coats Process

Innovation in canine fashion

Apart from inventing our own layered material designed to be tear, puncture and water resistant, which we use for our (and your) dog coats and beds, we are constantly designing and prototyping new accessories and products. This spring we've ventured into collars, leads and harnesses made of cork (as a more sustainable alternative to leather) reinforced with strong webbing and padded with soft, wool felt.

At Dogsnug we have tried and tested every product to ensure they can cope with the Great British weather and the demands the dogs make of them.

Whippet Kai Wearing Dogsnug Bridle Leather Dog Collar and Lead

The Team

Our team is composed of a menswear fashion designer with over 10 years of industry experience (who does all the designing, pattern cutting and inventing for the company), a digital designer and photographer (behind all the visuals, branding and photography of Dogsnug) and Kai, our inspiration, the lovely young whippet who gets a little cold during the winter months and loves running through the undergrowth of northern woods, London parks and sandy beaches.

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