A mad-about-dogs menswear fashion designer and her Whippet

I love dogs, I always have. I remember growing up in the hope of being allowed one. I would come up with all sorts of plots and plans: "mum, if I get really good grades, please can I have a dog?" Or, "oh, this one followed me home, I think we must be soulmates and he looks so hungry". It never worked. In fairness, we always lived in a small places and moved a lot, so I guess realistically it was not a good plan for my family. Still I dreamt...

You know those crazy people in the street that barely notice you but fall head over heels over your dog? Well that was me (still am in fact!). So... it took long, very long. But many years later and after some more moving and tribulations of my own, I am now the luckiest person in the world, I am the proud dog mum of Kai the whippet!

And this is where it all starts for Dogsnug

I always imagine Kai as a superhero on all these secret missions that I know nothing of. And there we were, having our first Christmas holiday together in the Alps. As I watched him experience the snow for the first time, once again I imagined his secret adventures. He looked so beautiful and happy running in the snow, but kept getting very wet and cold every time he stopped. His coat, a waxed cotton one, was not really holding up. Something needed doing.The designer in me could not forego this opportunity for mind storming the possibilities for the optimal coat, that would be light enough to keep him comfortable but waterproof and fitted to also keep him dry. I also wanted it to be fun and a little cheeky. Many prototypes later the Superhero dog coat was born.

From then on, we have been busy developing other accessories that will compliment the coat, whilst keeping to the need for excellent functionality and beautiful aesthetics. 

The result is the small capsule of Superhero products available in our shop. Being a dog owner  and a designer makes me aware of the importance of good quality not just of design but of materials and manufacture, and as a company we strive to make sure that we stick to quality, functionality and beauty, whilst keeping it fun. Everything we do is prototyped and tested in our patient model Kai, and nothing goes to production until we are absolutely happy with how it performs.

Due to the limited availability of sustainable technical fabrics, it is not always possible to use environmentally sound materials. However, we make sure that our leathers are vegetable tanned and a by-product of the meat industry; and that all materials and manufacturing are sourced in the UK, in order to support and promote our local industries and manufacturing. All products are made by hand in London.

So welcome everybody, this is Dogsnug, and we make dog accessories for dogs on a mission. We really hope that you and your four legged friends enjoy our products!

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