A Dog Who Dared to Dream

Picture the scene…

Your dog has been for a nice long walk. He’s had his dinner, a big drink and then slumped into his bed for a well-deserved snooze.

He may have gone to sleep, but it is just the start of a big adventure for him...for when he enters the land of nod, he becomes Captain Dogsnug….a dog on a mission.

The Caped Canine Protector

His body may be curled up in his bed, twitching and barking in his dreamstate adventure, but Captain Dogsnug’s mind is focussed on protecting the public and catching anything with wings or a bushy tail.

On this occasion (one of many nights of bravery), the Captain manages to rescue a string of sausages from the perilous hands of a butcher, before going on to fighting off a vicious gang of squirrels bothering an old lady in the street.

Able to leap tall buildings in a single pounce, no job is too small as he patrols the city, ensuring justice for all. 

Back down to earth

After a hard night’s heroics, Captain Dogsnug needs to come home. Even superheroes need a break. So he calls it a day and next thing he knows, he’s back in his bed, all snuggly and warm. He’s a happy dog, but just one thing isn’t right.

Where is his costume? He’s sure had it a minute ago. 

Wait a minute… There’s no need to worry, his superhero dog coat is in the porch with his lead, where it normally is. 

All is well in the world and it is just a matter of hours until he is back out on patrol in Dream City. 

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