Hot Tips for a Happy, Cool Dog

As the weather warms up, it's essential to adjust our routines to keep our wonderful dogs safe and happy. One important thing to remember is to avoid walks during the hottest parts of the day.

This is, of course, very sound advice. But, if you have a dog that needs lots of stimulation and can’t take them out for a walk, how do you keep them occupied, entertained, and happy?

Fear not, because there are plenty of ways to ensure your pup stays busy even when outdoor adventures are limited. Opting for activities indoors or in a shady back garden is a pawsome idea that will keep them active and cool.
Here are some suggestions that make use of their natural instincts and indomitable love for food. Plus, these activities will keep them cool and hydrated. Win-win!

Water Games: If you have a garden and your dog likes water (some really don’t!) set up a paddling pool or a sprinkler, and watch as your dog delights in splashing around and cooling off. Not only is it refreshing, but it also provides a fun way for them to burn off energy.

If you don’t have a garden, you can play games that use their Scenting Instincts. Dogs have an incredible sense of smell, with some breeds possessing hundreds of millions of scent receptors. So, a fantastic way to keep your pup entertained is by creating a frozen treat treasure hunt.

For the Hunt

Simply freeze some of their favourite toys, and yes, even the plush ones will do. If you wet them, it will keep them hydrated as they squeak them!
You can also prepare icy treats for them - check out the yummy recipe ideas on this page.

Once frozen, scatter them around the place (it’s probably a good idea to place the icy treats in open plastic containers to avoid a massive mess) and unleash your dog's inner detective as they sniff out and chomp on their icy prizes. It's a stimulating and hydrating activity that they're sure to love.

Remember, the key to keeping your dog happy in warm weather is to prioritise their safety and well-being. Whether you're splashing in the garden or engaging in indoor games, enjoy these moments with your canine companion and make lasting memories together.

Benefits of Frozen Treats

Cooling Effect: Frozen treats provide a refreshing way for dogs to beat the heat during hot weather. The cold temperature helps lower their body temperature and provides relief from the discomfort of high temperatures.
Hydration: Many frozen treat recipes include ingredients like yogurt, fruits, or broth, which contain water and help keep your dog hydrated.
Dental Health: Chewing on frozen treats can help promote dental health by providing a natural form of teeth cleaning and gum stimulation.
Mental Stimulation: Offering frozen treats engages your dog's senses and provides mental stimulation as they lick, chew, and work to extract the tasty contents.
Nutritional Benefits: By making your own frozen treats, you have control over the ingredients, ensuring they are wholesome and nutritious for your dog. Customise the recipe to suit your dog's dietary needs and preferences.

How to Make Frozen Treats

Choose Dog-Safe Ingredients: Select ingredients that are safe and healthy for dogs such as plain yogurt (no added sugar or artificial sweeteners), pureed pumpkin, carrot sticks, mashed banana, or diced fruits like berries, or watermelon. We love using unsalted broth (included in this month’s subscription box ) for added flavour.
Mix and Pour: Combine your ingredients Pour the mixture in icing toys (one is included in this month’s subscription box), ice cube trays or silicone moulds. Fill about halfway up to allow for expansion as it freezes. Add one or two pieces of training treats here and there for an extra surprise.
Freeze: Place it in the freezer and let them set overnight.
Serve and Enjoy

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