Jackie and Lurchers

Corky on her bed

It’s a cold and rainy Wednesday in London and I’m on my way to to join dog walker Jackie for her morning walk. My trusty Bromptom bicycle has gotten me there a bit early and her two furry beauties are still asleep.

Corky is resting peacefully on the warm bed in the cosy living room. Her eyes are open, observing how Jackie prepares tea. Her brother Ernie is still sleeping upstairs. Although Corky sounds a few barks when I’m at the door, neither of the lurchers come to greet me. That’s sighthounds for you. Aloof, sweet and very tired in the morning.


Jackie walking the dogs

Soon we are joined by Plato, the little parsons terrier. Jackie is taking care of him today. Upstairs, Ernie finally wakes up, makes his way down and we’re off for a walk.

Ernie and Corky

This seems to be a fairly usual routine for Jackie and by the time we get to Hackney Marshes we’re surrounded by friends. The dogs are running about on the grand, green plateau and the humans are struggling with somewhat undecided weather (sun, then rain, then sun again). Hoolie, another lurcher tries to engage Corky and Ernie in a chase, while the terriers chase after for balls. 

Jackie with Hoolie and the bunch

Jackie in Hackney Marshes

Plato jumps for ball

Jackie’s left her old job in the IT sector for a more simple, beautiful and loving life as a dog walker, she tells me on the way through the little woodland area behind the Marshes. Thoughts of leaving London also come to her mind. However, she would miss the friends, the morning rituals and the colourful mix of people and cultures from all over the world that you get in London.

Jackie in the woods 

Corky in the woods 

Ernie running

Corky and Ernie scratching

As we make our way back, the two sighthounds give themselves a proper scratch on the grass. Corky treats herself to some bird feed. At home, Plato, the newcomer to the pack is given an extremely stinky treat whilst the brother and sister quickly each pop on the bed and sofa, cuddle up with Jackie and fall asleep. 

Corky relaxing 

Plato chewing

Ernie cuddling up with Jackie


We talk of beauty of taking care of a creature and the sweet moments that we share. We finish our teas, take the last snaps and let the two lurchers and the little terrier rest until the next time.

Corky on the bed 

Ernie sleeping 

Corky and Ernie's toy

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