Whippet brother Luz

This is a story about play, brotherhood and growing up. Today, I'm spending a couple of hours with the beautiful whippet Luz and his human family. It's a soaring hot and slightly humid summer weekend in Clissold park. Perfect for a game of baseball with the sighthound.

Luz the whippet

As Phoenix and Quinn start running around the field, throwing the ball at each other, Luz joins in. He doesn't really understand what's going on, but he likes the cheerful atmosphere the game creates.

Luz with ball in Clissold park

Luz playing ball

Kate watching over the boys and Luz

Heat soon exhausts everyone. The whippet gets 'baggy' eyes and the boys laughter turns into an occasional strop. Kate remains unfazed. Carefully watching over the family from a distance, she skilfully manages the little tantrums and offers support to both the boys and the whippet when in need.

Luz playing with stick

Luz in the shade

Boys herding invisible sheep 

Playing pirates but time to go

 As we continue our stroll through the small woodland area the game changes to role play. The boys and the sighthound are now pirates. As the border between man and dog dissolves, the three brothers are now collaboratively exploring the tall grass for treasure.

Way back home

On the way home I learn about the smelly gift Luz left in Ian and Kate's bed. It was the first day of school and the whippet thought, that his brothers were taken away from him forever. He still doesn't like being left alone. 

Family of Luz

Once inside, Luz is hungry and circles around Kate to see if there's any kibble going around. The boys go and prepare for a water fight with Ian in the garden and I try to get Luz to play with me for a while. 

Luz looking for kibble

Kate playing with Luz

Luz eating kibble

Once the play is over, the exhausted whippet retires to the sofa where the little hands of Phoenix cuddle him to sleep. Sweet dreams little whippet brother. 

Luz being cuddled

Luz asleep

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