Clicker Training for Puppies & Adolescent Dogs

When: 11th July

Join Jose Ros at DOGSNUG & Friends for one hour of invaluable puppy and adolescent training.

Cost: £25. All proceeds go to Charity

The workshop covers:

  • Learn how to communicate with your puppy in a fun and ethical way
  • Learn the power of positive reinforcement; cooperation without coercion
  • Reinforcement better than rewards, how to motivate your pup
  • The use of a marker signal in training
  • Clicker vs Verbal marker; pros and cons
  • Timing when marking behaviours
  • Training methods: luring, shaping and capturing
  • Jose’s Secrets Top Tips to:
  • Sonic Recalls
  • Zen Lead Walking
  • Magic Greetings (without jumping on people)

Note: Bring your puppy and their favourite reinforcements (treats, lunch, toys…), a clicker if you use one already and a treat pouch if you have it. We’ll bring spares for everyone.

Tea, Coffee, Water & Cookies during the break : )

This training is a great for Puppies & Adolescent Dogs.

Please Do bring your dog.

About Jose Ros

Jose Ros is a fully qualified and experienced London based dog trainer. He is licensed by the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) where he was mentored by renowned trainer and author of best seller Easy Peasy Puppy Squeeze, Steve Mann.

He currently runs puppy classes in Clissold and Haggerston Park and has over the last decade worked and trained over 1000’s dogs covering most breeds in many different environments and situations.


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