Cooling Dog Bandana


These dog bandanas are ideal for the summer, for running with dogs and an essential part of your dog agility equipment. The neck coolers are easy to use, just dip in water and tie around the neck for a perfect dog cooling experience.



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Dog Cooling in the Hot Summer Months

We love summer! Yet sometimes it can be a challenge to keep dogs cool on hot days. To help with the dog cooling process we have designed these light & comfortable cooling bandanas, which are also safe to wear on the dog’s skin.

The bandanas has been designed for cooling your dog effectively. Dogs deal with heat by panting as they are unable to sweat. To help them cool better, the most efficient areas to cool are the paws, neck, chest and belly. The cooling dog bandana should lay on the neck and part of the chest, making it an ideal cooling product, and since they only cover a small portion of your dog’s body, there is no risk of making your dog too hot if they dry out.

How to Use the Dog Bandana

The cooling in these dog bandanas is very easy to activate, just dip them in water, ring out the excess and tie around your dog's neck, making sure the bandana is safely fastened so you don’t lose it. On a regular warm day the dog bandana will stay cool for 2-5 hours. When they dry all you need to do is repeat the cooling process.

These funky neck coolers are machine washable at 30ºC, just pop them in the machine after a long fun day out. 

Dog Bandanas for Running with Dogs

We think that dogs are by far the best running partners. These dog cooling bandanas are perfect if you like running with dogs too. The bandanas cool by evaporation, so the actual movement of the dog enhances the cooling effect, making your hound much more comfortable on the run. On long runs the cooling bandana can be re-activated with a small amount of your drinking water. We recommend that you don’t run your dog for a long distance on a hot day, specially during the sunniest part of the day.

Neck Coolers for your Dog Agility Equipment

Our Agility loving customers tell us that no dog agility equipment is complete without one of these cooling babies. When dogs are training on agility jumps, turns and tunnelling, they are not only using their bodies faster but also their minds, which makes them pant sooner. The Dogsnug bandanas help them stay ahead of the game by releasing coolness as the dog moves.

Dogsnug Bandanas: UK Designed and Handcrafted

These dog cooling bandanas are an original product designed by Dogsnug, born out of our love for being outdoors with our dog Kai. Like most whippets, Kai’s body is very lightly padded and therefore not designed to cope with heat so well.

The dog bandanas are UK handmade in our workshop in London.

A Dog Neckerchief suitable for a Fashionable Dog

We used our expertise in sportswear & fashion to design these trendy but highly functional dog neckerchiefs, suitable for even the most fashion savvy dog in town. We pick fun & trending colours within the human fashion world to make sure that you and your dog make the perfect fashion duo.

Chose from a variety of bright pop colours suit your style. The bandanas are reversible for even more versatility. Guaranteed to turn heads and bring smiles to your doggy walks.

Dog Cooling Bandana Sizes & Breeds

Our Cooling Bandana comes in 3 sizes to fit all different dog sizes and shapes: from miniature ones with tiny necks all the way to gentle giants of the canine world.

Small Dogs:
Great for Chihuahua, Miniature Dachshund, Jack Russell, Yorkshire Terrier, Shitzu, Westie, Italian Greyhounds and puppies

Medium Dogs:
Good for Pugs, Boston Terriers, Whippets, Border Collies, Cockapoo, Cocker, Springer, full size Dachshund, Beagle, Poodle and puppies for large breeds

Large Dogs:
Perfect forLabrador, Staffy, Bulldog, Golden Retriever, Boxer, Greyhound, German Shepherd

If you require a larger size, please contact us and we will be happy to help with a custom size

Other Dogsnug Cooling Products

Dogsnug has designed a range of cooling products that compliment each other and to suit your needs. We also offer Cooling Coats, Cooling Collars as well as Reflective Cooling Bandanas.

UK Delivery starts at a very economic £2.50. We also deliver to Europe, US, Canada, Australia and many more countries.

We hope you enjoy the summer with our Dogsnug Bandanas.

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Customer Reviews

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Cooling Bandana

Lovely bandana for my Whippet! Will keep him cool and looking smart in animal print lined with bright yellow!


Great product

Functional and fun

I have waited a couple of weeks to review the bandana as I wanted to be sure it works. It does! Helps to keep my collie cross cool on walks in this very hot weather. Of course we have avoided walking in the hottest part of the day but sometimes it has still been quite warm later in the day and Milo has worn the bandana then. He has the blue/orange combo and looks great in it, and has received lots of compliments. I have been telling people why he wears it too, and lots have said what a great idea it is.

Dog Cooling Bandanas

They are really good for the heat wave which we have had.

Cooling bandana

Fantastic product perfect for my Labrador Margot keeps her cool and she more or less asks for it to be put on ! Better still its made in the Uk.

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