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K9 Sport Sack® Air 2 - Dog Carrier Backpack

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The K9 Sport Sack Air 2 is the best dog backpack for taking your medium and small dogs with you on the go. This Backpack Dog Carrier is made out of durable Cordura® fabric and features form-fitting mesh on the sides for breathability, ensuring your dog stays cool and comfortable while you're on the go.

The Air 2 is the best known of all the K9 backpacks because of its reasonable price; whilst equipped with essential safety and comfort features. Therefore, it is the perfect backpack carrier for intermediate grade walks, hikes, public transportation, and bike rides.

This carrier is NOT a front facing backpack; instead, the dog goes on your back, looking over your shoulder. How cute is that? 

What Is Good About This Dog Carrier Backpack?

  • The bag's back panel has openings for your dog's front legs to pass through. This is a vital aspect o your dog's comfort.
  • The side mesh window allows for ventilation to help your furry friend maintain a suitable temperature, especially on hot days and long hike
  • Fitted with a zip guard, so you never have to worry about getting your dog's fur stuck in the zip. This feature is also very helpful for getting your pup in and out of the bag
  • The side pockets are ideal for storing water, treats, the odd poop bag and wipes. Always keep your dog well hydrated
  • The padded shoulder strap and chest strap make the sport sack comfortable for the human as it helps to distribute your dog's weight evenly and prevent the straps from digging into your shoulders and armpits
  • the padded back panel makes the backpack comfortable for the human

Is The K9 Sport Sack Safe? 

Please use all the safety features in the K9 Sport Sack, so you and your dog have the best adventures ever.

  • A Carabiner Collar Clip: Great for preventing your dog from jumping out of the dog backpack carrier. 
  • Side Straps: Tighten these down to help your dog not lean backwards
  • Lumbar Back Safety Straps: This protects the zip by taking on some of your dog's pressure against the material
  • Zipper Loop: Keep the zipper fastened by threading the buckle thread collar through the zipper loop.
  • The K9 dog backpacks feature non-slip zippers, so the bag does not open whilst you are carrying your dog.  

    What Sizes Are Available for the Air 2?

    Available from XSmall to Large and for smaller dogs ranging from 4-30 lbs (2-13 kgs).
    The sizing is based on the length of the back from the collar to the base of the tail.

    • XS: 10-13 inches (25-33 cm) For small dogs and cats such as Chihuahuas and  Papillons
    • S: 13-17 inches (33-43cm) For small dogs such as mini Dachshunds and Toy Poodles
    • M: 17-20 inches (43-51 cm) For Medium dogs such as Jack Russell and Pugs
    • L: 20 - 23 inches (51-58 cm) For larger dogs such as Medium Whippets and Spaniels

    If your dog weighs 13-18 kgs, we suggest the Plus 2 model or if you require extra storage for longer journeys.

    For larger dogs between 18-23 kgs, we recommend the Knavigate model

    What Size Dog Backpack Should I Get For My Puppy?

    1. Find out from your breeder and other breed parents how big will your dog become in length and weight.
    2. Based on this information, choose the K9 dog carrier backpack suitable for carrying your pet once fully grown.
    3. Add to your purchase a booster bloc or two. You can purchase them here.

    How Do I Get My Dog Into The K9 Sport Sack?

    Getting your dog into the K9 Sport Sack can be easy, but it needs gentle training and delicious treats.

    Here is a step by step:

    1. Open your canine backpack
    2. Lure your dog to walk onto the bag with tasty treats
    3. Place the front paws inside the armholes and treat again
    4. Clip the carabiner to your dog's collar. Treat, treat and treat
    5. Place the back legs and body inside the backpack and zip it up
    6. Secure the zip, tighten side tapes and back lumbar straps
    7. Have a fun time

    This video will show you the Walk-in Method:

    Is K9 A Good Dog Carrier Backpack Brand? 

    We think that these are the best dog backpack carriers on the market. All their dog carriers are carefully developed in consultation with vets, dog trainers, and product engineers for safety, sound ergonomics and strength.

    When you buy a K9 Sport Sack®, you're getting an incredibly well-made and comfortable dog carrier, but you're also helping animals in need. A portion of every order is collected and donated to animal rescues and shelters worldwide. These rescues and shelters do fantastic work, but they need help to keep their doors open.

    DOGSNUG's Review  

    We have been using this brand's pet carrier backpack successfully with our whippet Kai for several years, and we just got one for Neo. We like to use the carrier bag for bike rides. We also find the backpack ideal for going to shops that don't allow dogs.

    We happily recommend the K9 Backpacks.

    Ready for adventures? Get your K9 backpack, and you're off to a fun time.

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