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K9 SPORT SACK KNAVIGATE - The Best Backpack Dog Carrier

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The K9 Sport Sack Knavigate combines the most significant elements of K9 backpack dog carriers. This outdoor sack is available in the widest range of sizes, from XS to XL, and is suitable for small to large dogs.

The carrier has an internal structure and a cushioned hip belt to support a variety of dog shapes - from the slender and chesty whippet to the stocky and broad French bulldog; and a variety of human body shapes.

The Knavigate was designed for the most ardent adventurers and enables longer, more intense excursions with your dog.

This backpack is able to carry a dog weighing up to 50 pounds/23 kg.

Suggested uses for the Knavigate backpack dog carrier

  • For hiking or biking over a longer period of time and distance
  • For using public transport
  • For longer and more strenous activities with your dog

What Are The Best Features From The K9 Sport Knavigate?

  • The side mesh window provides airflow, assisting your beloved buddy in staying cool on hot days and lengthy hikes.
  • You’ll never have to worry about your dog’s fur getting trapped in the zip with a zip guard. This function comes in handy when bringing your dog in and out of the bag.
  • There is an extra pocket underneath the pet base at the bottom of the frame, ideal for longer journeys to store water, snacks, a poop bag or two, and wipes for your dog.
  • Made more comfortable for humans by the cushioned shoulder and chest straps, which uniformly distribute your dog's weight and keep the straps from poking into your shoulders and armpits. The carrier also has a cushioned back panel and a wide belt with handy zip pockets to comfortably support the back of the human.

Is The K9 Sport Sack Knavigae Safe To Use With Any Dogs?

Please use the K9 Sport Sack's safety features to ensure that you and your dog have the most extraordinary experiences possible.

  • The back of the backpack dog carrier has front leg entry points for your dog. 
  • Comes with a carabiner to clip your dog’s collar. This feature keeps your dog safe from bolting from the dog backpack carrier.
  • The side straps tighten to prevent your dog from leaning backwards.
  • Safe pet lumbar straps: This preserves the zip by absorbing part of the pressure applied by your dog to the material. It also provides better back support for your dog
  • The non-slip zipper on the K9 dog backpack ensure that the bag does not open while carrying your dog.

What Knavigate Sizes Are Available?

The K9 SPORT SACK KNAVIGATE is available in the widest size range, from XSmall to XLarge. This backpack is for dogs ranging from 4-50 lbs (2-23 kgs).

The sizing is based on the length of the back from the collar to the base of the tail.

  • XS: 10-13 inches (25-33 cm) For small dogs and cats such as Yorkshire Terriers, Chihuahuas, Pomeranians and Papillons
  • S: 13-17 inches (33-43cm) For small dogs such as mini Dachshunds, Toy Poodles, Jack Russel; small Pugs and Cavalier King Charles
  • M: 17-20 inches (43-51 cm) For Medium dogs such as Jack Russell, Pug, small Cockapoo, Cavapoos, small Whippets and Bedlington Terriers
  • L: 20- 23 inches (51-58 cm) For larger dogs such as Medium Whippet, Spaniel, Beagle and French Bulldog
  • XL: 23-26 inches (58-66 cm) For very large dogs such as a Large Whippet, Border Collie, a Large Lurcher, Labradoodle.

For short journeys with smaller dogs (up to 13 kg) we recommend the Air 2 model.

If your dog weighs up to 18kgs, the Plus 2 model should be a great choice.

What Size Dog Backpack Should I Pick If I Have a Puppy? 

  1. Find out how large your dog will become
  2. Choose a K9 backpack dog carrier that is adequate for your pet size after it is fully grown
  3. Add a booster bloc or two to your order. They are available for purchase here.

How Do I Get My Dog To Wear The K9 Sport Sack?

Here's how to do it:

  1. Open up your K9 SPORT SACK KNAVIGATE.
  2. Using enticing snacks, get your dog to walk onto the sack.
  3. Treat again by inserting the front paws into the armholes.
  4. Attach the carabiner to your dog's collar. Treat, treat, and treat some more.
  5. Zip up the bag after putting the back legs and body inside.
  6. Tighten the zip, side tapes, and lumbar straps in the back.
  7. Have a great time with your dog

What Sets The K9 Dog Carriers Backpack Ahead of Other Brands?

These are, in our opinion, the best dog backpack carriers on the market. Their dog carriers are meticulously designed in collaboration with veterinarians, dog trainers and outdoor product engineers to ensure safety. They place great importance on ergonomics, safety and strength.

When you purchase a K9 Sport Sack®, a portion of what you pay is helping animal rescues and shelters worldwide.

DOGSNUG's Opinion

We use this backpack with our whippet Kai for bike rides and to visit shops where pets are not allowed. We also take it with us when we travel abroad as some countries will not allow pets in public transportation.

Owning this backpack has delighted both humans and whippets and we highly recommend it.

Ready for an epic journey? Buy your K9 backpack, and you're ready to have a good time.

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